Psychotherapy. Art Therapy. Professional Supervision.


Accepted Insurance for Services:

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

United Healthcare

Private Pay $150/hr

Reimbursement from your insurance as an out of network provider is also available.


Traditional psychotherapy uses discussion in an open and non-judgmental environment where clients share life issues they would like to work on. I gain insight into my client’s lives through questions about their current and past life, then apply psychotherapy techniques which suit the individual. Through this the client is able to decrease emotional and mental symptoms and increase well being and life satisfaction. Some therapeutic traditions and philosophies I incorporate are Cognitive Behavioral, Adlerian, Gestalt, and Mindfulness.

Art Therapy

At it’s core, Art Therapy is using the client’s creative experience to better understand themselves, create coping skills, and process difficult information. As an Art Therapist, I believe that every human is inherently creative, and my goal is to help the client find their creative niche to help them better process experiences in their life. This maybe visual art, but it could be writing, or gardening, or cooking, or music, or any number of other creative endeavors. I am open to working with a variety of mediums or creative experiences to aid my clients in their healing journey.

Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision is available to individuals and groups seeking hours for licensure. Please contact for rates.

Email me:

(773) 967-9085